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Digital strategy

A complete support approach

To be accompanied in digital strategy is to benefit from a structured, rigorous and educational support. Also, to be surrounded by professionals who have their own vision. The support of our web agency in the creation of websites such as L’Actu À La Loupe, has been synonymous with the implementation of a tailor-made digital strategy.

The different pillars of a digital strategy

  • Market and competitive intelligence
  • Website creation
  • Visual identity: the web communication
  • Optimization of web referencing
  • Networks and Social Media
  • Content marketing
  • E-mailing and marketing automation
  • Web analytics and monitoring
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Creation & development

Although CMS platforms are synonymous with turnkey solutions when it comes to web design and development, the final result of website creation will not rival a web agency’s masterpiece.

Digital strategy

Going from the conceptualization and the elaboration of the specifications to the propulsion of the web project, through the elaboration of a custom digital strategy, a web agency assists and advises its client.

SEO & results

In addition to the creation of the ACTU FRESH website, our web agency is also in charge of the efficient referencing of the site and of carrying out an audit in order to have convincing and lasting results.

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Your brand identity

A lever to hit your targets

Encompassing all the elements that make up the existence of a brand, brand identity is one of the powerful levers that enable a company to make a mark on the minds of consumers. In other words, it represents the way a brand wants to be perceived, as opposed to brand image, which is the way a brand is really perceived.

A strong brand identity has a rich universe to which one associates values, a way of life and which speaks to the unconscious of consumers.

Benefit from a tailor-made design!

Be creative!

Promote your website on Google

Attract more customers

After the creation of its web pages, there is still one last, but not least, task to be done: promoting them to Internet users and generating leads. To do this, you might as well turn to the undisputed leader in web and commercial referencing: Google.

Webmarketing, the key to your success!

Bringing the Création Cuisines website to life, getting off the beaten track, generating traffic likely to lead to a conversion, creating a community around its brand, increasing its notoriety and forging a sprawling visibility inexorably require the implementation of a well thought-out web marketing strategy.

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